Day 1868 Last Painting

For the show. HURRAH! Now I can paint something I want. šŸ¤—

For the moment Aiken Stroll is done. I reserve the right to mess it up some more. šŸ¤£ Painted on Canson Plein Air Art Board 12×15. Mixed media.

The sketch. That’s a baby Great Dane puppy. He was too cute.

The photo I based this drawing on. The vanishing point is just past the top of the sidewalks the distance. All the diagonals should converge there.

Notice the dog walker is not in it. BUT the empty sidewalk screamed for them. Here they are ready to jump in the drawing. Isn’t he the cutest big old puppy. Gotta love a Great Dane. No pulling on his leash for him.

  • So how did I get them in the picture without looking off?! Notice the girls head and the older lady’s heads are at the same level.
  • And if U look far in the back the tiny figures head is about the same height. It makes the people recede in the picture plane when the top of the heads are all even. So I could have added a crowd of people IF a I keep the top of the heads at about the same eight.
  • It’s also what makes the older lady look a bit shorter than the young lady. Her head doesn’t quite reach the same heighthaka she’s shorter.
  • Lamy vista Noodlers heart of darkness ink(don’t you love the name?!!) Charles Reid palette PLUS Holbein opera pink. I painted the dogs face and feet w that pink.

    Why opera pink? Cads were too warm. Alizarin not pink enough. Opera pink was JUST right.

    A few good YouTube videos Food for thought : My other wc hero Alex Powers

    Exaggerating color Laurel Hart going to try this out on this photo of Zoe tomorrow I hope.

    Stan Miller how to paint a face any color and cropping photos going to make a couple of those l brackets. Two sets one big one little. Most of his videos seem interesting. And just long enough w out being too long.

    Fake or Fortune maybe you have a lost art masterpiece?!

    Joseph Zbukiv, Alvato Castagnet and Herman Pikel AMAZING painting a large cityscape together.

    The best synthetic brushes I have ever found. And so cheap. A good assortment of three on amazon for $29ish.

    Nothing like watching paint dry in a TOO long YouTube video. šŸ˜µšŸ˜µšŸ˜µ

    Margaret ready to stream some YouTube videos. Xoxoxo

    Aiken Stroll. For My Art Show opening Feb 14 6pm Aiken Center for the Arts! #ink #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #southcarolina #artist #charlesreid #urbansketcher #urbansketchingaiken #urbansketching #aiken #aikensc #usk #augusta #georgialina #csra #pleinair

    3 thoughts on “Day 1868 Last Painting

      • Margaret Hunt says:

        Me on YouTube. I just lurk and enjoy. I use my name when I am there. I think. Will have to look. Using canson PleinAir art board and fluid cp and hp. Sketchbook stillman and birn Alpha. Or a Zeta. Depending on length of sketch activity.


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