Day 1856 Backporch wrens

Hmm well three out of four birds I like. Guess which one I don’t.

I seem to be obsessed with taking photos of the cardinals and wrens when I catch them on the sun on the back deck eating sunflower seeds. The little wren is brave hopping right up to the back door. Poor thing! He must be starving.

Painted with Charles Reid colors plus quin gold. I covered his tummy with the quin gold first. Then I added burnt sienna dabs of green cerulean and or sometimes heavier quin gold. Yummy. Darks burnt umber raw umber and ultramarine.

Background cerulean burnt sienna and bits of umber/ultramarine mix.

Loving YouTubes about Richard Diebenkorn whom I love. A retrospective

Also a new heroine Marlene Dumas the highest priced female artist. Her Tate exhibit Did I say she likes to make marks and draw. Me too!!! Warning: some of her artwork is quite unsettling.

Margaret xoxoxo lost in youtube land which accounts for the late post.

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