Day 1852 Finishing up

The Birds are done. I do love to imagine what they are thinking. Wonder what they are all looking at?! A squirrel?!! M maybe there needs to be a squirrel companion piece to hang to their right.

My sweet lab Honey. I have a hard time keeping paintings I have down of her. They sell as soon as I finish them. So this one will be off to Aiken. She used to eat her keep as a model for me. Dog is burnt umber and ultramarine. Eyes burnt sienna. Background peacock and burnt sienna a bit of cobalt.

I drew this last night. Wilcox Inn- A famous old inn in Aiken. My ex used to play in it as a kid before it was rehabbed.

My favorite kitchen supply store Plum Pudding. Always fun to go in and poke around.

Now putting my feet up waiting for my cherry pies to bake. Margaret who has had an oh too busy day. #Lablove #blackdawg #blackdog #lab #labrador #love #dog #dogsofinstagram #rescue #rescuedog #honey #watercolor #ink #aquarelle #sketching #dailydrawing #drawing #art #painting #cuteness #drawing #ink #LamyEf #lamysafari #lamy #georgia #atlanta #rescuedog

4 thoughts on “Day 1852 Finishing up

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Funny they were just on my back porch. I was admiring their beauty in the sun. And takin reference pictures for painting. Your photos must neither Twins. Great photos BYTW.

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