Day 1848 Southern Salad

My new favorite lunch place. Hmm I might like it for breakfast if I were downtown then. What can I say. They make a great salad. Their veg is locally grown. So fresh. I bought two salads the day I drew this. I are one for dinner. Then headed to Atlanta leaving the second one in the fridge. I thought. Opps my salad will be gone. Lettuce rotting. NOPE. Amazingly those delicate lettuces that doe the day after you open. The mixed green bags were still delicious.

Well enough yakking about their great salads. Colored with my Charles Reid palette colors. I think I used every color in the palette or at least 90% of them.

Drawn on 300# cp cheap joes Kilimanjaro with a twisbee pen loaded with D’artementis Document Brown. The red is that Faber castell watercolor Perry Col pi used yesterday. Hmm. Cad red or Alizarin?

Best thing about this sketch it may be sold to the owner of the restaurant.

Margaret putting her feet up before she puts on her painting apron. Xoxoxox

Southern Salad! My Art Show opening Feb 14 Aiken Center for the Arts! #ink #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #georgia #artist #charlesreid #urbansketcher #urbansketchingaugusta #urbansketching #augusta #southernsalad

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