Day 1847 One down and

How many more to go?!!

700 Block of Broad St Augusta Ga

Have to have a lift of paintings to Aiken in a couple of weeks. Eeek.

Watercolor permanent Carmine faber castell watercolor pencil gouache pentel white get pen.

I have a wc board that I found in the middle of the Krogers parking lot. Works great esp with a half sheet covering up the lettering.

These corrugated boards are light and easy to carry around. Love that! And free even better right?!

Always surprised me how much a gel pen shows up in a picture. Can you find it?!

Been adding a background to this guy. Was not wild about the cut and pasted look of him. And was he ever a pain to paint. Next horse is huge. Not on a 9×12.

More paintings pulled to go to be framed for the show or sold at Art on Broad. Clearing out paintings.

Margaret who has five more small sketches to paint or is it four?! Sigh! Xoxoxox oh and some chocolate chip cookies to bake. 700 Broad St Augusta Ga #ink #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #georgia #artist #charlesreid #urbansketcher #urbansketchingaugusta #urbansketching

2 thoughts on “Day 1847 One down and

  1. jameswebbart says:

    I’ve made a number of field watercolor boards using found old plastic corrugated signs in which I fold in half using double faced tape and cover with brown paper tape. After the tape dries I cover the whole board with a coat of clear acrylic paint or Modge Poge to have a water proof surface. I’ve made several sizes of these boards on which I’ve attached some plastic clips with cord so as not to lose them in the field. Adding to the efficiency of these boards not only as sizing them to fit my carry bags but added thumb holes and pockets to hold my water. I’ll send some pictures if you like. Nice work, Jim Webb

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Huh good ideas. Thanks. If I ever slow down enough to get rid of the lettering. 🤣Made one guerilla gluing two layers together and taping the edges with packing tape. Thought about adding a string handle if I get around to it. Maybe. Lol


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