Day 1846 It’s Saturday—EEEKKK!!

Worst Saturday painting in a LONG time. I ever erased a hole in the paper. Note to self: NEVER erase on wet paper. Oopsey.

I drew Macy once.

I drew her twice. EEEEKKKK. She just did not want to appear. Hmmm. I changed pencils once twice thrice.

Then I forgot to take a picture after I started painting. Probably no great loss.

So I came home and started messing with Macy. She want getting any better.

Then I decided to Fealin Lin her with dots all over with the various colors I had painted her.

Who knows I may dot her up some more tomorrow.

A dot here and dot there cures a screwed up painting. Not sure about that but it was fun.

Charles Reid palette colors plus quin gold Prussian blue.

Ok the rest of the gang.

Fred. I really like this wistful painting of Macy.

And Fred did two. Must be fueled with all that latte he made for us.

Tom Needham

Eve. This one actually looks like Macy. Charcoal on toned paper.

The rest escaped before I had a chance to take a pic. Oops.

Margaret taking a nap now and waiting for more rain. Xoxoxox

WIP- Macy – 15×22” Fluid hot press #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #southcarolina #aiken #allaprima #artist #painter #aquarelle #lifestyleblogger #fealinlin #drawing #sketching #holbein #charlesreid #lifemodel

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