Day 1845 Dawg Tahred Part 2

But soldiering on. Have an art show coming up at THE place to exhibit in the area The Aiken Center for the Arts reception Feb 14.

Happy Valentines! 🤔

So how did I paint the lovely Corrie?! 15×22″ hot press fluid which is lovely smooth paper but will lift some unlike Fabriano which is wet blot and do it again. And it’s tough paper that takes erasing over and over.

Of course I used the Charles Reid palette!! You knew that right but actually used maybe eight colors

Second break

I decided her forearm was too long andoved her arm about a half an inch after I started painting. Actually worked out ok. Skin quin gold and cad red light. Her skin was very golden but I think it was the flood light.

Skin Shadows burnt sienna and peacock and a small bit cerulean Oh and cad red light which can be used as shadows. I did that on her face.

DRESS – ultramarine blue or peacock and burnt umber or umber.

HAIR – quin gold umber burnt sienna peacock

Chair -quin gold burnt sienna and some cad red and peacock.

Background – layers of transparent peacock alizarin burnt sienna.

At some point I decided she was too skinny in her body.

So I added about an inch on the left side. Normally on hot press you might get into trouble but not on Fluid.

I also thought her hands too long but that was caused by my sitting almost under the model with her in a tall directors chair which makes for odd perspective.

Lots of chin. The hands were much closer so bigger. The head smaller because she was so far away from me. Lots of foreshortening. Eekkk.

And here she is now. Might darken that long hand a bit to distract from it. We shall see. And lighten that peacock to the right of her eye.

The great Peter Ho whose famous for Plein aire

But Peter paints in any Medium. He does fabulous watercolors and pastels as well. Peter is also extremely well known for his Plein aire paintings. oil painting. I told him he made me want to throw away my brushes and paints. Very sweet guy. Quiet unassuming. He usually paints at the Olmsted Plein Air in April which will be here soon.

First or second break. Peter is fast

Peter Ho Watercolor of Annie Jefferson full sheet cold press FLUID watercolor paper back at Thanksgiving. Only reason I found out he was famous was because I txted the finished painting below to my friend Mike who googled him.

Peter Hos Annie finished.

Margaret who is to paint today. Xoxoxox

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