Day 1849 – Kodak Time

Long admired this now deserted Kodak store on Ponce de Leon. It glows on a sunny day saying paint me paint me. I finally figured out you could park kitty corner at the Krispy Kreme.

I have four or five more places on ponce to paint. And everyone requires how do u get to it! Hmm maybe I should paint that Krispy Kreme.

There’s a cool old 1930s movie theater and shopping center. Art Deco. So cool. Ponce City Market in the sun, the old hotel that was just restored and second hand furniture stores.

I drive up and down ponce giving the old buildings a once over for sketching.

Sky is cobalt and peacock.

Grass Daniel smith green apatite and French yellow ochre.

The red is mostly cad red orange for once. Yellow cad yw light and deep.

Had some near disasters like drawing the minivan in shorter than the guy oops. And how did multiple peacock blue brush strokes end up on the yellow house?!!

Lamy EF Noodler Eelskin Black Fluid Cp block.

Margaret ready to take a shower and go to bed but gotta bake a batch of cookies. Xoxoxox

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