Day 1838 – A Challenge

A challenge to draw a pile of the grandkids toys. I think I have said before that you better draw FAST because they might grab the toy. Oopsey. Then you are sunk.

I colored these with a pack of dollar general colored pencils I bought over the holidays. They worked very well for cheap pencils.

Sunset out my back door

Drawn with my Lamy Joy Ef. A yummy smooth drawing pen. Aka it doesn’t drag on the paper.

Reflected sunset. Always fascinated me that the sunset reflects all over the river.

And it fascinated me that it only last a few minutes. This is pretty just not glorious like the earlier one.

Margaret still feeling rotten bingeing Marie Kondo and youtube. She will get you up and cleaning. Don’t know if u watch YouTube. This wc video is very interesting. She has at least one more not watched yet.

Xoxoxox Margaret

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