Day 1839 It’s Saturday

Work in progress. Macy 15×22″ on hot press fluid. She still needs a lot of work. I fiddled around painting her today. Scared of the hot press Paper perhaps??! Or just slow today?!

I was pleased to see that the fluid hot press dried flat because it was so waffly. Great paper.

Colors used

Cad red light cad mineral violet ultramarine pink burnt sienna peacock and cerulean for figure.

Background. Alizarin peacock mineral violet burnt sienna quin gold hookers. It will get at least one more layer over most of the background.

And something under the hand. First break forty minutes . Second break first washes when I left. She was very damp waffling the paper. Drew Murphy 2×3″ acrylic

Amy Lockhard Ness water soluble oils

Coach charcila. You knew that.

Rich Klein oil painting the studio

Bill Daniels oil w palette knife on metal

Zany Fred is back!! 🤗

Al Beyer oil

I know her name sadly but sadly it’s flown from My tired brain right now.

Drew and I are probably having a show at the Aiken Center for the Arts in February so I spent the afternoon hiking all over town taking photos.

Charlotte life’s to be petted

A nice couple walking their geese down Laurens. 😎 The geese love to be petted. They get excited and shiver. Soooo soft.

I want a Charlotte!! So does Zoe.

Sunny day Needs must.

Back to my nap!! Margaret xoxoxo Macy #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #southcarolina #aiken #allaprima #artist #painter #aquarelle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #holbein #charlesreid #lifemodel

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