Day 1837 Best Chinese in Augusta Ga

Hunans. Such good crispy egg rolls. Singapore noodles to sigh and die over loaded with amazing tiny sausage and shrimp and eggs. Yummmm. And the owners are so nice.

I hear they make a terrific Kung Pao Chicken too. And their moo goo Gai pan is delish.

Really like this sketch done with my Lamy EF. He was busy talking away while the woman was busy eating away and hopefully listening. He paid the bill. I Like all the wiggly lines. Don’t care I left off chair legs and the guys too tall. Just like it a lot.

Never got around to posting this one colored. So here it is. Another sketch I like. Just quirky enough like the Hunans but everything where it belongs.

Margaret watching an interesting true show about a woman who found her biological father like my half sister wants to do. Xoxoxoxo. Amazing things you find on

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