Day 1799 Ice Cream on Duval

Drew this shop leaning against a light pole across the street on Duval. I gave it a face lift – it’s really white. I think the yellow is so much more in keeping w Key West don’t you?!

What else can I say. LOVE the Garden Lights. A great way to spend my birthday.

Margaret who is tired and has to get up and bake pies on the morning. Happy Thanksgiving xoxoxox

#keywest #icecream #islandlife #urbansketching #hyattresidenceclub #gingerbreadgallery #ink #stillmanandbirn

2 thoughts on “Day 1799 Ice Cream on Duval

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Ha mine are better. Making a fabulous coconut cream pie we discovered in key west. Best Pie I ever ate. And I make killer pumpkin and pecan pie. Not too sweet. The pumpkin is spicy. Yumminess.

      I LOVE ice cream too.


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