Day 1754 Fall!!

Been working on this most of the day. Just finally quit. It’s about 22×18 cp 300# rough arches.

Top – rough Bottom regular 300# cold press arches

Did I say I will NEVER buy love Rough arches. Some people love it. NOT me. 🤪

The drawing.

Off to the races. Quin gold centers w cad ya light cad ya deep raw umber burnt sienna chrome green olive green ultramarine.

Moving on Adding cad orange to it the pumpkin.

And so it goes– adding. Alizarin and mineral violet.

Done well maybe. I may darken the background. It’s just not right. Or maybe I will start over on smoother paper?!

Maybe I will paint these tomorrow

Margaret putting her feet up and staring at the sunflowers for s while. I also don’t like the solid dark ring around two of them. It’s always something isn’t it?!

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