Day 1742 THE WINNER – is?!! No Idea!!

I won at the state fair. Just got notice🤗👍🏻 so Saturday an award at the Sc watercolor show and one Sunday at the fair. That ones $200. Hurrah.

Winner possibility #1 Thinking this is the winner BUT ya never know.

Looking down At Ponce City Market 3×4’ acrylic

No idea what I won at the SC Watermedia Show tomorrow. Or which painting won at the SC state fair art show which is a big deal. That awards reception is Sunday.

Option number 2!

Summertime 22×15”

Don’t ask me why but it is. Thousands of paintings and photographs are entered into two categories

Professional and amateur. I entered professional.

Dancing the Night Away 3×3’ Acrylic winner at SC Watermedia Show

So now I have to go to Columbia on sat and sun to find out what I won which one won and to collect my prize $$$$. Lol.

Driving back to Augusta at night so I can sleep in my own bed. 😴😴😴

Margaret the yo yo who always drives back to Augusta. Xoxoxoxo.

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