Day 1723 Squirrels

The little buggers managed to knock the feeder down and then had the audacity to stand on their hind legs at the back sliding door as if to say hey where’s the bird seed. Silly things.

Cool wind chimes we found in St Marys

Had to drive my brother to Washington from Ga today. So add another 88 miles to the last few days of long trips. Came home and took a nap. A LONG nap. Now I am off to bed for a longer nap aka sleep all nite.

I bought the Dino one on the left. Bells and dinos!!!

Colors used on squirrels. Quin gold burnt sienna and cerulean.

Priced $14-$25. So reasonable!!

All I can say is zzzzzz and my bottom is oh so tahred. Xoxoxox Margaret

The little buggers aka squirrels. Gone to the squirrels. #outmybackdoor #nature #watercolorpencils #animals #birds #squirrel #drawing #sketchbookskool #cardinals #naturalworld #savannah #savannahriver #augusta #mixedmedia #art #artist #moleskine

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