Day 877 Dr Sketchys Time Part 1

Our model last nite at Dr Sketchys was Paul “DJ Codec” who designs, orchestrates, creates the great awesome sometimes whacky music that accompanies each session of D Sketchys. 

When it was announced who was modeling for us I had thought perhaps not a great model but I have to say he was terrific. Lots of interesting poses to draw and he held them like a rock. Best model in quite a while. 

And who doesn’t klove a guy in a kilt? Great legs Paul!  Ok no kilt sketches? In a minute. 

This pose presented problems because he was working the music and moving the whole time. The easiest way to draw this was to set the body size measuring heads both body length and width FIRST! 

Then I drew body parts. He might change his head but once it was set I didn’t change it. 

 Same with his arms when he moved  them I didn’t change them.  And of course he never moved his legs. 

Double trouble drawn in ten twelve minutes. Princess Augusta the Beautiful Elf and Santa Paul. 

I set the angle on his head first. As I draw I am always looking at angles and negative shapes. Also dropping plumb lines from say a shoulder to the knee to get bod parts where they Belong. 

Title inspired by one of the tunes Paul was spinning. 

The Warmup Sketches. 

The next three were very quick so I am always pleased when they turn our mostly right aka in proportion which these did especially since earlier in the day I was NOT drawing well with my Carbon Platinum pen which I love to sketch with lately. 

So these are all drawn with my pentel brush pen which smeared when I tried to add Tombw markers to them so I quickly got out my hand held large watercolor box from Charles Reid’s class and used it hoping not to turn the faces NOT into grey mud like the tomboys were doing.  

As you can see in the first two sketches above the watercolors with a pentel water brush were the answer. I did not bring even ONE good sable brush. Eek! But Dr Sketchys is partly the fine art of making do. And I did with good results. 

So I may go back and watercolor these quick sketches. My own coloring book. 👍🏻😃

Sketchbook used – my big superaquabee 10″ x14″  which LOVES ink and watercolor. 

On his knee. 

This was a three minute warm up sketch. Face is terrible but proportions great. Maybe watercolor would improve this? 

Tomorrow part two. The best are yet to come. And they really tuned out well. Thinking of using one for my annual Christmas card. 


Margaret xoxoxox 

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