Day 875 It’s done

Still using Ted Nuttalls transparent colors plus cerulean for greys. I decided to paint the background with quin gold to brighten the page. The cookies have a lot of small dots down with my #6 Isabel which has a very sharp point. Still a little large but oh well. 

Lettering is done w the same 6 Isabey and deartrementis document brown a good fall color.

 Greys are quin sienna and cerulean or a brighter blue that dwells on my palette next to cerulean. Looks very close in color but brighter when u use it. 

This is the back of the page. A page meant to be entertaining for a two year old and a four year old. My grandchildren Henry and Livia. I left a wide gutter on this back because sooner or later I hope to do enough if these to bind them into a journal of our days at the cabin. 

No quin gold background. Like it better gold. 
Ttyl. Time for yoga at the Y. 
Margaret xoxox

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