Day 581 – Erica 

Erica Acrylic 20x 30? 

This is one of the best paintings I have done at life drawing on Saturday. I actually listened to what Al Beyers been telling me and spent a lot of time doing the blocking in of the figure. Trying to get the proportions right. 

Still need to adjust her right breast but otherwise I think she’s done. 


    Beginning to block on with nickel Azo gold.   


    Some negative painting to correct my lines. 

    Beginning to paint. 

    Tip- Most of this was done with larger hog bristle brushes.   Smallest one was half an inch which makes it impossible to get fussy with the painting. 


    The word chin on right is to remind me to correct her chin after break. What’s up with it?! OOPS!!! 

    Only thing left to do is that too long shadow under her right breast. 

    Here she is with the shadow fixed. 

    Colors used – nickel Azo gold, pyrrole red, white, cobalt, burnt umber. 

    Remember use large brushes!!! 

    Thanks for reading. 

    Margaret xxx

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