Day 572 – the Latest Painting


Approximately 20″x 30″ Acrylic 

Drawing this was tough to say the least – getting the proportions right. 

Here she is roughed in. 

She’s gone thru a lot more tweaking since then. I spent hours trying to get her right before I started the painting.  You can see in this photo her nose and mouth are off. 

There were hash marks on the half way points on the edge of the canvas along each side. I also marked the mid point on the canvas and then tripled her. Measuring measuring which I hate to do but I think it was worth it in this case. 

 Can u see the hash mark on her face for the center and the two center ones on the bottom and right side?  
 One hand/arm is huge and foreshortened the other is just the opposite. Skinny and delicate. And tough to get in the right proportions. Thought I would never get them right but I persevered. 



And here she is again now.  I may work on her hair a bit more and lift the heavy shadow on her right arm but I think she’s done. Now she needs a name. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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