Day 239 – Four Reclining nudes in Twenty Minutes

One of the guys gave me his chair dead center of the model yesterday so I could have a better view of the model but I only had twenty minutes left to draw. And no big paper – just my art journal. So these are what I did in 29 minutes. 

Number 1 – a contour drawing  with my Noodler Ahab on Strathmore 500 Mixed Media paper starting with the shoulders. I start there to get the shoulder angle right comparing it with the models shoulders to see if my line is parallel to her shoulder line. The I drew across the top Of her hips and legs continuing across the bottom back to her shoulders. The crosshatching was added after the contour drawing as was her face. I hate her face so decided to turn the page and start again. 

 This is number two. I think she went better and her face looks better. 

Number there is the big one in the bottom with the Pentel brush pen. I think her thigh is too big and her head a tad small. 

So onward to number four. Only about five minutes left. That’s my favorite. The PBP makes great drapery fast!! 

They were quick fun sketches and I think a bit Henry Moore or Picassoish. 

Which one is your favorite?! 

Thanks for looking!! 

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