Mom’s Fav – The cello

Day 15/30 portrait challenge #jyportraitchallenge Spent too long drawing the portrait around a bit. Mostly quin gold@and quin pink with cobalt turquoise and burnt sienna for the face. Hair is raw sienna, raw umber, and burnt sienna.
Mgraham watercolor may easily rewets but think its time to reload my palette. Thanks @judithyaws and @jaksics_judit_reka
The lovely photo. Mom played second chair violin in high school. She kept a cello for years but never learned to play it. I love cello music esp YoYo Ma buy have never aspired to play one.
The sketch took longer than the paintjng. Took a while for her to show up for a visit as i call it when i finally get the drawing right.
The face and hair. Really meant to do the background before i got this far. Oh well. The background of cobalt and Maroon Perlene which i cut in with my big cats paw brush. I also brushed it over and into the hair which i think lost the edges. The light streaks of hair where done with my fingernail. Something i am not fond of doinf because it makes your nails a mess but does make great hair.

Margaret who kinda wishes she has done this on watercolor paper. Oh well. Hmm i may go back and make the background a dark chocolate brown ultramarine. It would make her pop and the cello blend in.

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