Oy Vey what a Day

Hope i spelled that right.

Day 21. Looks easy right??! Mar @marcastenada_model #jyportraitchallenge Cute Audrey Hepburn look. Love Audrey.
The sketch. Just didnt look quite right. I should have fixed it then but NOPE. Fluid 140#cp
So far so good
Cobalt was much better but three coats on the background. 1 teal 2 cobalt. 😵‍💫 Nothing easy today. Her face does not look right.
Better. I had a laundry list of tweaks. Her hairline lifted, her mouth got another quarter inch, i moved her right eye down , added some kore shadow under her left eye and softened some of the lines on her chest. I think thats it. Hmm. Anyway whether or not she’s right i quit.

Supper time Margaret xoxoxox

Being slack BUT oh so busy

Number 20! British model @Beth.Reeks.98 her red hair and those eyes yelled paint me. In my next life i want red hair just like hers. Just posting process pics tonight. Getting so behind with this challenge keeping me so busy. Totally enjoying the challenge and have learned alot.
The sketch. On fluid 140#
Funny how dark this looks. You can tell from the finished painting it wasnt
Lots of juicy drips. Course those will be under the mat.
The hair gave me a fit. Aka struggle.
Just because i can post the lovely drips again. Bwahhhh
Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxoxox