How did i ever work?!

Most days around here are so busy I wonder.

Day 22 of 30 day portrait challenge. #jyportraitchallenge Jaxxon @hisarmystudiosA pirate? Well maybe. Still not happy with the skin tone but too late tonite to add burnt umber. Tried raw sienna and burnt Sienna and quin burnt orange plus some mineral violet and cobalt teal. Also need to soften a few edges but not tonite. Mgraham watercolor.
The sketch on fluid 140cp
Then i forgot to take pics. This one is the skin is raw sienna, burnt sienna and a dab of quin pink. I think hes too yellow and too light. Also gets lost in the background. Looks a little too cut out.
So I began the game of change his skin tone, the background and softening edges. Lost the back wdge of his head. Always makes them sit on the page better.
Colors off but he’s done for the moment. BYTW Jaxxon is doing the thirty day challenge too. Margaret xoxoxox