Loosing edges

Day 14/30 portrait challenge #jyportraitchallenge Clueless as to why I posted this painting on ig earlier taken w my iPhone instead of my ipad pro. Duh is all i can say. She is so much brighter than the pic my phone took. Spent about a half an hour twitching the portrait around a bit. Lifting the green shadows on the right arm. Adding a few more dark blue greens and finding her chin again. Wonder where it went?! 8×10” Stillmanandbirn alpha. Mgraham watercolor easily rewets. Thanks @judithyaws and Amanda @queenamanda25
The sketch.
This is the iphone photo. Always looks greyish to me. So i decided to take an iPad pro photo to post on ig. Sat on the sofa and looked at all kinds of small problems. I wanted to loose the edges of her hair and paint the background first. i used my cats paw brush which is very big esp for this small picture. But as Mary Whyte says use the biggest brish you can. Got me into trouble when i brushed over her arm with it. Then some of the green ran down the same arm and across the shoulder shadow. Lost any edge which isnt bad in the shadows but too much here.
The twitching began. Cleaning up those green shadows. Took another photo.
Still not happy. Worked on that green shadow some more but finally gave up. It would not lift. Sap green. Not suppose to stain. Oh well. . And added some blue and green in the background aka negative painting.

Anyway. Color me tahred but still wondering what Judith will post for us to do tomorrow. Margaret xoxoxox