Another day another portrait or two

Katie. Lovely girl.
Lots of back lighting in this photo. And those blue shadows and golden skin. A scary mix for turning her green. Eeek
The sketch. Stillman and Birn Alpha
Drove me crazy trying get the eyes straight. Finally got out the ruler which i never do and drew a perpendicular line for them. kept drawing the right eye too high. 😵 And then i forgot to take any pics. Oops. Sorry.

Her skin is basically quin gold and pink. A very light mix. Then i added cobalt teal for the shadows. Her hair was splattered. More quin gold for a base. Added burnt umber and ultramarine splatter. Drew some curls with my Cheap Joes Scroogys Loose Goose saber brush. Always fun.
Out back today. The water was like glass.

Busy day so now putting my feet up. Margaret xoxoxoxo