Going to a Garden Party

Day 23 #jyportraitcsllenge Loved Lyn @lynaylwardart Loved her big hat. To me she looks like shes heading to a garden party in her hat. Fluid 140# cp M Graham watercolor
The background was fun. I did it FIRST by wetting it down w a two inch flat then dabbying in pure thick color into the background-sap green, ultramarine and yellow. Then u just let it flow. DO NOT touch it. Hard to resist i know.
The photo
And i sketched. Too low too small
And i sketched. I got the head angle wrong and the eyes. Well i just done know. Sigh.
And i sketched
The final sketch. A little masking for the holes in the straw. Finally she arrived. Or I gave up.
The hat was also done all at once adding in hair color so it would melt into the brim. you have to use paint right out of the tube when you do that. Burnt sienna and quin gold with some mineral violet.
Close to done. The skin got too pink but not as pink as this. I used quin coral, light yellow permanent and mineral violet. The dress was done like the background wetting it down but adding in mixed and water downed colors.
Added a few more shadows and tried to lighten the pink. Not easy to lighten quin coral its staining. Mostly happy with her just wish she weren’t so pink

Margarer xoxoxoxo