Oy Vey what a Day

Hope i spelled that right.

Day 21. Looks easy right??! Mar @marcastenada_model #jyportraitchallenge Cute Audrey Hepburn look. Love Audrey.
The sketch. Just didnt look quite right. I should have fixed it then but NOPE. Fluid 140#cp
So far so good
Cobalt was much better but three coats on the background. 1 teal 2 cobalt. 😵‍💫 Nothing easy today. Her face does not look right.
Better. I had a laundry list of tweaks. Her hairline lifted, her mouth got another quarter inch, i moved her right eye down , added some kore shadow under her left eye and softened some of the lines on her chest. I think thats it. Hmm. Anyway whether or not she’s right i quit.

Supper time Margaret xoxoxox

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