And like that it was over

Loved Judge Newman. What a great even keel kind of guy. My fav sketch today too. Funny story. I didnt notice he had a beard and mustache til i was almost done because i was so intent on drawing him. His hair. Well he had alot less til they read the verdict and i said wait he has alot more hair. Then i added it.
The prosecutor Waters did an awesome summation. His side kick today was even better. Well done to all the prosecution team. We didn’t think it would go their way but it did. Guilty!!!
And this guy what can i say but he was B O R I N G today. No wonder they lost.
Guilty. Hope he enjoys the rest of his life in the SC jails. More than his wife and son got.

Watercolor and inktense pencils superaquabee book. Each drawing is about 6×9”.

Margaret xoxoxo

3 thoughts on “And like that it was over

  1. Alexis Aronson says:

    Margaret, now you can pencil in gray/black jail bars in front of the
    convicted murderer’s portrait. Personally, the man belonged in jail
    anyway for all his crimes over the past many years.

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  2. Margaret Hunt says:

    And yes he should have been in jail years ago so should his dad and grandpa. They actually made people disappear literally. 😳


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