The New Tictocer


My husband has discovered Tic Toc. Not sure how he did that but there it is. He loves to watch our daughter in laws tic tocs under Lee Lee Lawyer but he watches all kinds of things w amazement. I tend to NOT want to do anymore social media. IG and FB are enough w WordPress. Since i am also his tech support (i used to do Tech Support before i quit working) he gets a little miffed when i have no clue how to do anything on tic toc and tell him google it. Thats what i would do. Bad wife right?!
And a page of scrubbling what was on the table in the den. Really needs a clear up. Both are Uniball pen in a stillman and birn alpha.
Been busy baking vats of chocolate chip cookies today. A double recipe with plenty to give away. I make the toll house recipe on Nestles choc chip bag but use butter. The more expensive the better with Kerry Gold being the tastiest.

Margaret xoxoxox