Remember this one?

Hong Kong! Decided i liked it. My husband thinks its so much more interesting than the plein air tree. As he said what can you say its a tree?!
The beginning. To say i hit the pause button alot with this one would be an understatement. starting off soaking the paper w water which caused problems as in running and bleeding. 😵‍💫 Oddest looking first wash i have ever done. Mostly using flats and a fan brush. Mike dont behave like Jansen Chows did. Hmmm .
All the brushed i used.
Adding some darks well i think we did. 🤔
Lots more color added. What are those things anyway??
When i stopped for the night. Well i couldn’t. Messed some more.
And now my husband likes it. Go figure. I did use alot of gouache in every color i had. The whole large light blue block on the middle is gouache.


Done. Painting #28 done since January.
Quitting. I like this one. A little too realistic because of the hard edges would be my only critique. The roses went well. Did them with alot of wet on wet to keep the edges soft. I seem to be painting alot of leaves lately. Ready to NOT paint leaves. Lol.
Half sheet fluid 140# which performed so well I wonder why I ever use anything else. Lifted like a champ.
The photo
Johannes Vloothuis did a free class on artist network today. While he was doing oil i painted watercolor. Really not painted in the same way at all but i enjoyed. He runs a very well organized class. his prices are so reasonable as to be ridiculous. $25 for three upcoming classes. I may take them although i really need to be doing my own work but i am a sucker for a deal.
He provides a very easy to print sketch for the class. On the pay classes he even provides a how to transfer it if u don’t want to draw it.
Ready to rock and roll. Used masking to save preserve my whites for the flowers.
The roses were done by saturating them with water and dropping buts of color in til I was happy with them. Probably the most successful roses i have ever done. The wood was done with my chinese brush flattened and then dry brushed. I should have used some of my old acrylic brushes that are splayed from paint drying in the ferrules.

Leaves were painted with blue and yellow i have and then i added some white gouache to a few. i used thalo blue ultramarine joes turquoise colbalt green gold cad yellow light aureolin yellow ochre to name a few. Oh and chrome green and thalo green. I tried them all. I should gave tried my beloved winsor newton filbert. Super painting for leaves.

See ya in one of Johannes classes. Margaret who is tahred xoxoxox