New Ilaina torture

Ilaina today after an hour and a half of painting. Already thinking of corrections. Drew was not there to light her so she had the lamp full in her face the whole time. It was maybe a foot above her head. Good way to go blind but also made her eyes narrow and squinchy and also made dramatic shadows. the sketch and a toning wash of ochre and turquoise First break aka 40 min in. Washed of alizarin cad orange cad yellow cad red mineral violet ultramarine blue. Second break. More of the same colors. Maybe a bit of cobalt and burnt sienna. Aka avoiding the face for some reason. Wonder what color the background will be. We shall see. Amy Lockhard Ness pencil dr bill oil Fred who I have renamed Fredliani since he loved Mondigliani and tries to paint like him. Eve charcoal Mark who might be 20. Impressive Coach Larry knocking them out. Charcoal. Lees pastels loves the angles. Margaret putting her feet up. Xoxoxo

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