Nasty rainy

Watercolor and inktense pencil after I wet it.

Wet day. A good day to binge steaming tv and knit. Have I NO. I decided it would be a good day to go shopping. Isn’t that when you like to shop?!🤣. I did beat the monsoon home but the humidity was 81% til the rain. We were dripping.

Been reading a fun book called Living Out Loud today by Kari Smith and decided to do some journal pages aka make a record of all my sock knitting mania in January and continuing in February before my hand falls off from the knitting nuttiness.

Watercolor and inktense pencil. This one was before I wet the pencil. It gets much more intense when you wet it. I used a spray bottle on this one just to see what happened. Worked well except turquoise which tried to run.

Drawn with a S Pitt sepia pen and a Lamy Ef w brown Noodlers ink in it.

Margaret ready to knit abit. Xoxoxo


At a painting is a funny thing. I thought this was done when I worked on Ilaina today but now staring at her I think she might need more work on her left eye. It’s not dark enough. Hmmm. But I like the rest of her especially her left pinkie.

Things I worked on Eye

Lines on neck

Outline of neck



Darker ground

Here she is before I worked on her. Maybe I should have left the eye alone.

one minute gesture sketches. I really wasn’t in the mood to do these yesterday but I did.

And u can tell on some of these I didn’t care.

charcoal pencil

But I settled down for the last one though I quit before thebfive minutes was up.

Margaret who has one more sock to knit before her hand falls off. Xoxoxo