Key West Dreaming

All this drizzly rain is making the thought of steaming hot Key West wonderful right now though I will say NO more trips to Two Friends. First time we went it was wonderful. Second time worst food I have eaten anywhere. Fried shrimp lost in thick nasty batter. To add insult to injury the two chickens got on another table to scavenge leftover food. Understandable when they roam freely and are protected BUT what wasn’t good was the table was not wiped down before the next couple sat down. Yuckkkk.

The chickens also raced around the restaurant vying for a piece of lettuce. Who knew it was so tasty?!!

Now I meant to chronicle our trials on the background of this page but right now liking the painting so much might want to leave it alone.

Fealin Lin PaLeTTe colors in a Stillman and Birn Zeta. Lamy Joy pen with Noodlers eelskin Ink.

Margaret settling in for a midwinters nap before she finishes her sock. One more inch!! Xoxoxo

Spent quite a while

messing around with the background. Adding layers and letting them dry adding more layers. Splattering. Wiping out the splatters and on and on.

I also tried to emphasize the top to distract from the right foot. Now she’s going to sit around a while and tell me if she’s done. Maybe ?!

Background is Andrews turquoise alizarin yellow ochre and mineral violet. Oh and a smidge of cobalt. Layers and layers and layers – all watery and transparent.

This is an art quilt I did a few years ago. Hmm 12 years or so ago! 😳

And here’s a close up. All fabric and thread painting except the drawing which is oil pastel. Thread painting is done by using thread on a machine like a colored pencil. Lots and lots of stitches.

Margaret on the second foot of a pair of snarky red socks. Temps going down so want to finish it ASAP to wear. Nite nite. Xoxoxoxo