Day 2050 Hmm Down the Seine

My favorite Paris sketch. Three glasses of wine on the boat made it seem a good idea to walk a mile and half down the quai pronounced key to the Lit up flashing Eiffel Tower were I sat on a curb and drew this. What were we thinking?! A highlight of our trip and we lived to tell it lol.

Back to the boat to listen to Nickie to serenade us up the Seine.

A couple of composite sketches of houses and buildings as they passed by the ship. We were going too fast to draw each town we passed just the way it looked but you do get the flavor of the place as we passed by and many bits do look just like the town especially the locks picture.

Bytw if you dispare of ever being able to afford a cheap Viking trip. Call them like we did. Ask what the cheapest trip they have is and when it’s leaving. You might be in for a surprise. Our trip cost $2100 including air fare from Atlanta and all the beer and wine we could drink at meals AND ALL the tours but Versailles or the Louvre. Not a sou More did we pay for our trip. Well there was a three day extension at a posh hotel the Rochester on Rue de la Boitie just 3 blocks off the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Not bad and they pick you up from the airport whisk you to your destination. You never touch your suitcase once u leave the US. Hurrah. Run and book one. Let me know where u are going.

Margaret recovering from her trip planning to head back to Atlanta on Wednesday for my class. Xoxoxox

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