Day 2049 a few more from France

Happy Easter!! We are busy with the Easter bunny. How about you.

Manets beloved Rouen cathedral. He only painted it 26 28 times. I stood across the street in the Rue de Gros Horlages and drew it in a typical French drizzly rain on Veterans Day.

St Maclou and old medieval buildings in Rouen. The people were not there at the same time. I dropped them in as they walked thru the plaza. Once again drawn in the drizzly rain. Who cares!? C’est la vie!

The Rouen market square where Julia Childe ate her first French food a file of sole aka flounder. Sounds better en Francais n’est pas?

The highest point in Paris – Montmartre topped by Sacre Couer and St Dennis cathedrals churches?! What a view!

The infamous Moulin Rouge at the bottom of the hill.

Back to Easter activities. Hope yours is full of family fun.

Margaret in Decatur xoxoxo

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