Say 2048 Sketchbook Done

Am alphabet done with a namiki Fude Noodler Eelskin Black Ink.

A sketch I did at Hunans during Masters Week. The guy on left works for NBC sports and was having an avid discussion on shots for tv with his coworker who walked off before I got a chance to draw him. Not my fav sketch. Should have left his hat off which is how I drew him first.

Lamy Ef Watercolor pencils and inktense pencils.

Journaling is done with a watercolor pencil that I dropped and splattered clear water over.

And I had Livie age 4 draw a page in it which seems to be a good way of keeping up with what she’s up too. Have to add her story that she has that goes with it.

Margaret who has to boil Easter eggs. Xoxoxox


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