Day 1888 South of the Border (Again!)

Colored with watercolor pencils and one red tombow. The tombow was probably not the greatest choice. Looked better before I think but no photo. Oops.

I had found the alligator irresistible so when I stopped I had to draw him. I also bought rattle snake eggs for the grandkids googly glasses a huge 2′ pencil and hmm a whoopee cushion. That should be fun. The rattle snake eggs are a hoot. When u open the package sounds just like a rattle snake. 😵😵😵 It’s a rubber band with a washer string on a bent v shaped paper clip weight wire.

Here it is earlier. But no pic of just the ink sketch. Oopsey.

I did take a photo of the other sketch I did yesterday.

Been curled up on the sofa relaxing before the big show reception and craziness of tomorrow.

Twisbee pen Deartrementis document brown Ink stillman and birn journal.

Margaret ready to eat dinner Xoxoxox

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