Day 1887 on the road again

Thrilled to say this is Now MY painting. Mario paints all of his painting from a love model. No photos.

my favorite way of painting a person too. These were all for sale in class. And all painted by Mario Robinson who is also a winsor newton rep. My friend Mike is the proud new owner of this lovely painting. All the paintings are painted with winsor newton paint. I almost bought this one. Lovely hands. This one was also a close contender to go home with me. And I loved this one too. A very quiet painting. at the end I fell in love with this one and would have traded if I ha had mine with me. The colors on her are so gorgeous. Soft blues and purples and alizarin. They do t show in the photo turning grey instead. Annoying iPhone.

This was my first choice BUT I couldn’t decide whether to buy one or not and somebody else Jane took her home. ☹️😬

Margaret ok the road again.

50 shades of brown with @marioarobinson @aliapainter #grisaille #fabriano #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #northcarolina #raleigh #marioarobinson #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching #lifemodel #nudesketch #portraitpainting #portraits #portraitart

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