Day 1884 – 15 Shades of Grey with Mario

Barbette a million layers of grey

I used my grandmothers opera glasses to see the model better.

The drawing

Round one of the grey layer

Round two. Progress is slow after edges w water adding the same grey

What’s with the white bubble?!

I ran the same grey wash over the WHOLE painting top to bottom!!😳😬 SCARY stuff.

Adding more and more darks. Wetting the edges w a waterloaded brush to soften the next grey layer bas it was added. Hard to explain. I usually do it the other way around.

A coat of grey over the whole figure WHAT??!🤪🤪🤪🤮

Finally dark enough to start running flesh tones tomorrow. This literally took from 10-5:30 minus model breaks and lunch breaks. 😳🤨

This is Mario’s. Look below to see his progress from yesterday til today.

Mario’s palette

Mario’s shoes. 😂

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