Day 1885 – 50 Shades of Brown with Mario

As done as she may ever be. Who knows. I may work on her some more. We didn’t get to take photos of the model so not much to go on to finish. Maybe loose some of the highlights on her cheek. They are still too light. . My paint puddles. The tests of the colors we used to paint fifty shades of brown and 15 shades of grey. The skin and hair wash colors are at the top left circled in pencil.

Mario’s paint test strip. Yesterday afternoon.

This am. A wash of the brown watery mix of yellow ochre cad red and ultramarine overs the whole face. Eekk. That was scary after working on those greys all day.

Before I screwed up the second background wash.

I accidentally stuck my brush in the black wash when I started the background wash. Oops. And then I had a blue run that got into my watery grey background mix.

Margaret putting her feet up with a glass of wine. Xoxoxo

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