Day 1881 -10 days of crazy

Begins today. Show opens Feb 14 6-8 at the Aiken Center for the Arts on Laurens Street.

Show mostly delivered. 22 paintings. I left two in my cavernous garage so back to Aiken in the am on my way to Raleigh. A slight detour of twenty miles. 😵😵😵

The Key West chicken strip will be for sale.

I drew these sitting on a lawyers steps near the post office In Key West. There’s a huge flock at the post office.

It was so hot I went to the Starbucks on Duval St and drew this one.

Think lots of glass windows with a good street view from my table.

And yes there are chickens on Duval.

These are about 7″ tall. Ripped from a 40″ long piece of Stonehenge Print paper. Love that stuff.

This is from one of the 8×10″ stillman and birn Alpha sketchbooks that will be on display in cases at the show next week. Sketchbooks will NOT be for sale. Pentel Brush pen and a Lamy Ef. Noodlers Eelskin ink.

Hmm well if you give me 1000s of $$$$ mAybe.

I did tell Traci if the place caught on fire leave the pile of paintings and take the sketchbooks.

Margaret dreading the drive to Raleigh via Aiken. Xoxoxo

Sketch books will be in the show next week. Drawing the professor while taking notes. #aiken #usca #sketchbook #sketching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch

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