Day 1880 Downton Tea Party

The Fascinating Ladies who came to the Downton tea. You know I had to draw some of them. These two ladies were sitting at the table right next to us. I loved their fascinators. So I drew them.

Anyway getting ready to head to Raleigh for a class so that’s it doe now.

Twisbee in my stillman and birn. Deartrementis document brown ink. CharlesReid palette plus opera pink.

Delivering the show tomorrow the. Off to Raleigh. I begin my week do run run run.

Margaret who shouldn’t have taken that nap this afternoon. Xoxoxo

#aiken #ladilce #sketchbook #sketching #dailydrawing #stillmanandbirnalpha #ink #lamy #sketch

2 thoughts on “Day 1880 Downton Tea Party

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Fabulous…Do you think La Dolce would appreciate this painting….at least by viewing on email? Have a great learning experience in Raleigh. Alexis Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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