Day 1740 Sometimes you fall on your FacE!

Spent way too long on this sketch of Ilania. Partly NOT my fault since her cushion moved around and I had to redraw ALOT after break because she would shift and I wouldn’t have finished the whole appendage aka like a hand or a foot. Eeek. So I would redraw and redraw. Never got around to painting.

Drew Murphy who started off painting.

Marilyn Hartley’s great charcoal.

Bill Daniels oil on panel.

Dawn whose really growing as a portrait painter.

And my friend sweet wise Alexis did an awesome job on her charcoal pastel. Did she do a Lautrec or a Degas worthy sketch today. Go Alexis.

Margaret still worn out from her flying trip to Sautee Nacochee yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1740 Sometimes you fall on your FacE!

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Margaret, you surely nailed her form… I like this and you can expand next week on how you want her to Look. I’m blushing at your laudatory comments about me and my rendition. I will have to look up Toulouse Lautrec’s & Degas’ nudes. Just viewed both of their famous nudes and I see my shading & contours attempts. I’m rather amazed, and what a good eye you have and identifying how a budding artist is Quasi-similar in style. Alexis

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      I think u did an awesome job. Just needed a crop which is so easy with paper right. 🤗👍🏻❤️LOVED your sketch. I guess you could tell. 😁😘


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