Day 1693 Dog Days

Of August right?!! BUT Zoe’s always there ready to be drawn. This am she was snuggling with me on the sofa as we watched the morning news.

She’s probably ready to nap

Since I gave her bits of the breakfast muffin quiches I baked this a.m. The pen was there the tiny moleskin was there so I drew her. Small pages so much less demanding when you don’t feel like drawing.

And of the art supplies are out on the coffee table you dont even have to get them out.

Lamy Ef in a OLD moleskine aka not made in China inktense and Faber castle watercolor pencils.

Margaret off to freeze her now cool quiche muffins for an easy breakfast in the am. Xoxoxo

Dog Days of August #zoe #warm #snuggle #jackrussell #crosshatching #jackrussellsofinstagram #jrt #watercolor #art #painting #cuteness #drawing #ink #LamyEf #lamysafari #lamy #dailydrawing #georgia #atlanta #terrier #rescuedog #moleskine

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