Day 1690 It’s Saturday

Sad to say it’s the last Saturday for a while. The universe has canceled Saturday drawing since the Prof has retired. What?!!! Supposedly will start back up thru continuing ed.

Second break.

Is it a Case of when you start to mess up you are done as Charles Reid says?!

Then I painted background and darkened her body with alizarin across the chest. Maybe I should have stopped at second break which was my original impulse. Can’t leave well enough alone can I?!🤪

The sketch drawn with a raw umber Faber castell water color pencil.

First break.

The end in more than one way. Well there’s always live modeling in Atlanta and Columbia. Hopefully we will find a new venue in Augusta. We have some ideas in the hopper.

Thomas Needham’s lovely watercolor. The hair is amazing.

Drew Murphy scores again. VERY Large canvas.

Jeremy Sutherland’s wonderful sketch.

Al Beyer did an outstanding job. Large oil.

Coachs charcoal knocked my socks off. He was going to give it to me. Why didn’t I take it?! Duh!! 🙄

Ilania pencil sketch. Super job.

Fred has gotten great at these. Always makes me Smile. 2×3′ acrylic

Amys lovely drawing.

Mr Ed “degas” retired biology prof.

Engineer Ed was just getting back into the swing of things. Really improved since he started coming again in the last few months.

Last but not least Marilyn Hartley. Not sure if it’s ink or pastel.

And the party is over. At least for a while.

Margaret sad in Augusta xoxoxo

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