Day 1091 A definite HMM 

Half sheet on Richeson 300# cold press 15×20. Everybody hates my antique Kowloon doll in the painting so I tried to knock him back by loosing my whites on him and making him darker with ultramarine. I also washed his head with Quin burnt sienna and cerulean.  I did the same to the background to make the light flowers pop more. 

I also added a bunch of blobby bits a la Fealin Lin to it to define the flowers more. Like it better now but still don’t know if it’s done. 

One friend thought my little guy was creepy. Lol. He’s actually a mandarin dressed in a black Silk jacket and beautiful blue silk pants w touches of bright saffron yellow which have faded over the years. 

Last nite it looked like this. I actually liked the bottom half. I just didn’t like the way the flowers were lost in the background. 

I think it’s because the values were too close. When I converted it to gray scale in iPhoto not much difference in tone. Which is why I darkened the background. 

The sketch. Bytw this was painted upright on an easel. 

Having another go without the doll on Strathmore Bristol board which is like hot press watercolor  paper but even slicker making  the colors slide around on it. This one is 20×30. Why not make my screw ups bigger?! 🤗

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

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