Day 1090 Zoe with a Z

She’s been glued to me since I got home. Haven’t drawn her in a while. I fixed that. 

She’s painted w only four colors. Quin burnt sienna cerulean Andrews turquoise and thalo blue. 

I guess this is my take on Alex Powers. Maybe I should write more in the background. Maybe not. 

The background was quickly brushed on with a 1″ flat handled Cheap Joes Golden Fleece. The whole
Painting was probably done in ten minutes. Very immediate quick painting. 

Zoe with a Z #jrt #jrtsofinstagram #jackrussell #jackrussellterrier #watercolor #ink #strathmore #aquarelle #dogsofinstgram #dailydrawing #sketch 

Ttyl. Time to play bridge. Rather stay home and paint. 



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