Day 1089 Henry’s Artaganza Birthday

I was in charge of the Sculpey clay table. Of course I ended up making lots of sculpey animals. Henry and I had been reading a dragon book so I made him a couple of dragons. Here’s the big one with his tail propped up for baking. 

I taught them to make dogs and bunnies and elephants and snakes. 

The snakes made out of leftovers were highly popular because they were easy to do. 

Sculpey scraps are too expensive to toss out so we picked up all the scraps and made logs, coiled them up and cut a mouth with a plastic knife. Add a tongue. Voila a snake.  

On the right are a few stray bracelets made the same way. Wish I had thought of them sooner. 

Ok here’s Henry the birthday boy in the piñata line. I have never seen so many kids line up obediently to break a piñata!  

Art stations on go. Line strung on fence for paintings. Lots of markers and chalk. 

And the required bouncy house.  The kids had too much fun. A lot of hard work. It was definitely a hit!! Try it. You might like it.  

Margaret xoxoxo 

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