Day 884 – From I 75 North 

Heading north to freezing Atlanta after spending the night in warm Ocala Fl. 😱 where are those lovely ocean breezes? Still at Key West? 
Funny thing happened last nite. I turned on my iPhone maps to see what restaurants were near our hotel in Ocala. It said it would take us Three Days and seven hours to walk to Carolines on Duval where we had eaten the night before. 

Bytw we voted to eat at the nearby IHOP instead of riding in the car to another restaurant. So tired of riding. 

Dinner at the Half Shell Raw Bar. Yes I was naughty. Fried shrimp and excellent fries. The reason to eat at Half Shell Raw Bar is NOT the food which is good but the view of the harbor while we waited for the Christmas lighted boat parade to begin. 

Our view is the Bar with our waitress in the center of it. Fun place to hang out. 

The lobster pot Christmas tree at the Half Shell Raw Bar. 

A tree on the docks. 

A bit of The Christmas lighted boat parade. 

A random entry.  Oops the back of a really fun boat. The front is on my camera which is NOT wifiing to my phone like it is supposed too. 
The coast guard entry.
One of the boats. 

Another shot of the decorated docks. 
Margaret xoxox who has to get back to navigating. 

Day 882 on the Sawgrass heading home 

ETA Tomorrow?! Lots of sketching done. Some painted some not. 

The view from our condo not that we were there to enjoy it a lot. 

Mostly we were running and doing.  This is what we did. Not painted yet. But we looked so cute in our elf hats we got Our pic in the local paper during the historic inn tour. 

Our view from the top of the Seven Mile bridge on the 125 mile Overseas Highway  heading to our lunch destination with watering mouths. 

Lunch at Buzzards Roost on Key Largo. Complete with Pelicans. Love them. 

The view from our table and the reason we stop although the food is great too. 

Bye bye to the Keys. 


Margaret xoxox

Day 881 – Shark Eco Tour 

Yesterday was awesome fun and the two captains were fascinating. They knew everything about the Key West ocean wildlife. 

No animals were harmed. 

We went out to the buoy where the two “Shark Whisperers” called the lemon sharks by chumming. It only took a few minutes for the Lemon Sharks to show up and start hitting the Bonita which was on the end of a long line.

The lemon shark is small and afraid of humans. Hides when it notices us. It hunts small fish not giant people and never got near us. We were not afraid for even a second.  

Capt Clay in charge of cruising the catamaran. Harbor views. 

Dockside. Time to get off. 

Tam enjoying the views. 
Just a fascinating way to spend a perfect day out on the beautiful blue green water. We highly recommend Key West Extreme Adventures. Google them to book a date soon! 

Margaret off to draw her last Key West day away xoxoxo 

Day 881 Key West

Painted these with my new squirrel dagger brush from Sam Flaxs. This is the title Page of my sketchbook. Only one more full day. A lot of sketching to get done. 

This is my practice on the last page of the book. Painted with marine blue and hookers green. 

Lunch at Blue Heaven where you breakfast with the chickens. A very interesting spot with delicious shrimp eggs Benedict with key lime hollandaise. 

The people in this sketch were not sitting together. I added them in. 

Margaret xoxox off to see the shark eco tour that we won. 

Day 880 Hogfish! 

In case you havent noticed we love to eat at Hogfish Bar and Grill when we are down in Key West. So far we have been twice. 

Currently this is my fav dish there the Hogfish grilled salad. YUMM with the most delicious key lime vinaigrette. So good. I have eaten it twice this week and we will return for a third go round tonite. 

The mojitos are also delish. My sister likes the always good fish tacos with sangria her personal favorite. She says they are he best anywhere. 

We usually eat dockside if we can and it’s the view that I am most prone to mess up when I draw it which I did in this sketch. As usual I will fix it with a piece of ledger paper. Fixes lots of problems. 🤗

I will crop it like this. Or maybe a little tighter on the right. Will keep u posted. 


Margaret who had ridden five miles a day and walked three and needs a nap. Xoxoxo

Day 887 From the Overseas Highway  

On the last leg to Key West. Only 125 miles are so starting at Largo West and ending at Key West the southernmost point of the US. 

A sketch done on the sidewalk in front of the High Art Museum late one fall afternoon. The entire facade was in shade by the. Sad because it’s gorgeous gleaming in the bright noon day sun.  

I painted it later with Ted Nuttalls transparent water color palette. 

The High at noon. 

And the High in the late afternoon. 
The swooping facade made it hard to paint it white because it’s hard to tell what is what from anything but a pic taken at the same angle. And my photo was all in the shade. Who wants to see an all grey building?! 
I should draw it again. Oh well. 

Key West is looming but first a stop at Buzzards Roost for dinner and to stretch our legs. 
Margaret whose bottom is really tired. 

Day 888 Chickens Everywhere

In Key West.  I love drawing the chickens. Sometimes I follow them around and draw them but here because I am often either hot or tired or both I sit and watch them and draw them. These were drawn at the Key West Wildllife Rescue. A great place that saves birds not that chickens are endangered in. Key West. They are protected by Federal law and can’t be killed even if they are crowing right under your bedroom window.  

Courthouse chickens. A hot bed of chickens are the courthouse and the post office next door with an occasional sleeping homeless person on the side to draw. The whole chicken spread. Down with a big isabey mop.  One last handsome Fellow. No idea where I drew him. He’s gouache. He might even be a Gatlinburg chicken. 

Anyway hopefully we will get some sketching done today. Yesterday I was too tired from our trip and too busy to get a thing done.  


Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 886 From The Sawgrass Turnpike

In Florida on the way to Key West!! Another week on vacation at the HyattWindward  on the Atlantic. How many more miles?  232 miles and we left at 5 am this morning. 😳

From Thanksgiving in Sapphire Valley my youngest son snoozing on his front porch on a sunny afternoon.  

This sketch was almost a disaster but it looks a lot better after adding shading to the block head I gave him. 

The foreshortening of the figure was tough. And of course he got up before I had time to take a pic or color it.  

Tombow markers in my Stillman and Birn  Beta mixed media sketchbook. Carbon Platinum pen. 

Standby for Key West sketches. Got a brand new Zeta book just for the week at Key West. Renting a bike to get up close and personal with the island which is only 2×4 miles but so much to do and draw. 


Margaret whose bottom is getting very tired.  

Day 885 – Zoe Waiting For Santa 

She’s been a very good girl. I think she’s finished but I reserve the right to change her. I forgot to put the snow flakes on her scarf. Zoe does love her scarves. She always wears one. 

UPDATE: I added the snowflakes with a white pentel gel pen. Sooo easy. Try it you will like it. 

When I drew this she was tucked up on the sofa on a red and green diamond Christmas quilt a perfect foil for her white fur. Her big brown eyes could drill holes in you. 

I almost messed her up. I did NOT alike these green letters that I did with a dagger brush. So I wet them down, smeared them out, added some indigo with a big brush and ended up with the background in the first picture. 

MUCH Better!!!  Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean and Daniel Smith Serpentine Genuine. 

Drawn with my pentel brush pen in a Stillman and Birn mixed media Beta journal. 

Thanks for checking by! 

Off to Key West. Margaret. Xoxoxo