Day 888 Chickens Everywhere

In Key West.  I love drawing the chickens. Sometimes I follow them around and draw them but here because I am often either hot or tired or both I sit and watch them and draw them. These were drawn at the Key West Wildllife Rescue. A great place that saves birds not that chickens are endangered in. Key West. They are protected by Federal law and can’t be killed even if they are crowing right under your bedroom window.  

Courthouse chickens. A hot bed of chickens are the courthouse and the post office next door with an occasional sleeping homeless person on the side to draw. The whole chicken spread. Down with a big isabey mop.  One last handsome Fellow. No idea where I drew him. He’s gouache. He might even be a Gatlinburg chicken. 

Anyway hopefully we will get some sketching done today. Yesterday I was too tired from our trip and too busy to get a thing done.  


Margaret xoxoxo 

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